Just Call me Poppy Spice

It’s been another great week, which was capped off by this…

The Spice Girls

I watched the closing ceremonies last night, just so I could see these ladies. They’re a guilty pleasure, and I just love em’! You may call me Poppy Spice from now on…

In other Poppy Spice News…

Word Count – I managed to write a whopping 14, 866 words this week! I wrote every day, and I love that I’m learning that habit. You can keep track of my daily word count HERE.

90-Day Novel Update – I’m currently on Day 12, and it’s been an eye-opening process. Each day is filled with writing exercises to help you flesh out your characters. Also each day is filled with Imagining the world of your story, and writing through plot ideas. The author is very adamant that at this point in the process we hold every idea very loosely. Meaning, nothing is set in stone yet. We need to leave ourselves open to new ideas and directions for both our story and our characters. Bring it on!

critHarmony – So I was messing around on Twitter the other day when this thought struck me…

Even though I’m not necessarily at the critique stage of my novel yet, I love the idea of having a crit/writing group to work with. I know there are other authors out there who are at the same stage that I am, AND who are looking for support. Interested?! Check out my critHarmony page…

WriteOnCon Starts Tomorrow! – I’m so excited about this! If you haven’t heard, WriteOnCon is a FREE online writer’s conference. I’ve already been dabbling in the forums, and I’m super excited about doing some learnin’ this week!

Have a Great Week!

P.S. What would your Spice name be???


About Poppy

Having been an avid reader since the womb, Poppy is finally sitting down to write that book she's always talked about writing.
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