Plottyboarding (Yes, I Made Up a Word)

First things First…if you haven’t already done it, make sure you enter my GIVEAWAY!!!


On a side note: One of the easy ways to earn extra entries is to share in the post comment section who you prefer when it comes to Sam or Dean Winchester…Currently Sam is the favorite, and I am dumb founded! Don’t you people realize how awesome Dean Winchester is?!

On to Today’s Ramblings:

I’m getting ready to dive back into my 1st draft, and I’m sooooo excited! In preparation for that I’ve been storyboarding/plotting (with Post-its) and now I’m going to do the same with 3X5 Cards! I learned about this great technique during WriteOnCon:


I love combining this with my Post-It wall. I like the wall, because there’s just something about seeing it all laid out, that’s just so darn inspiring! But I also like that the 3X5 cards are mobile, and a lot easier to shuffle around. So I’ll be combining the two techniques to create my own Frankenstein’s monster of Storyboarding and Plotting. I like to call it Plottyboarding.

Word Count 

You may have noticed that my word count has been kind of anemic this week! That’s mostly because I’ve been plottyboarding (see how I threw the new word in…nice) I’m currently on week 4 (day 22) of The 90-Day Novel, which means that I’ll be starting my 1st draft this week! I’ve been doing a lot of work on the lore/background of my story and characters. I really think that’s going to help me in writing my draft.

My plan is to double up a few days this week, take Friday off, and then start back into my 1st draft a week from today! I’m excited, and scared…but the more that I learn about my MC and her world, the more I want to see it come to life!

Happy Writing!

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Having been an avid reader since the womb, Poppy is finally sitting down to write that book she's always talked about writing.
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