Lessons from The Wicked Witch of the West…

My name is Poppy. And yes, before you ask, it is my real name. It’s my middle name, and I absolutely love it. Plus I despise my first name! Unfortunately I’ve never liked it (sorry daddy!), so I’ve always gone by Poppy.

When I was a kid, I loved the Wizard of Oz movie. But, I was terrified by one specific part of it…


As an eight year old, no amount of consoling by my mother could stop me from believing, that the Wicked Witch of the West knew my name, and was coming to get me!

I was afraid, and would not listen to reason.

As I get ready to begin work on my 1st draft, I sometimes have to shoosh the voice of fear that keeps shouting inside my head. Here’s a small sample of my fears repertoire:

  • “You’re not a good enough writer to do something like this.”
  • “This is going to be too hard. You should just quit now.”
  • “Do you really think YOU can do this?”
  • “You don’t have the skills to write a book.”
  • “Your idea is kind of cliché.”

But here’s an important lesson that I learned from my fear of  the Wicked Witch of the West…

(Who still kind of freaks me out)

Sometimes the very thing that we’re so afraid of, is the easiest thing to conquer. We just have to take a stand and do it!

I remember as a kid being on the edge of my seat as I watched Dorothy get chased through-out the land of Oz by this scary green witch. And in the end,  Dorothy ends up defeating the witch with just a simple bucket of water.

It reminds me that sometimes we can let our fears become so big and powerful in our minds, that they stop us from moving forward. They stop us from doing the wild and crazy things that we’ve been secretly dreaming about.

I’ve wanted to write a book for a long time. My idea, actually came to me one day at work. It literally poured out of me. I remember furiously writing down all of the ideas that kept popping into my head!

That was back in 2008…

For four years, this story has stayed locked inside of me mostly because of fear. But not anymore. Now, I’m ready to pick up my metaphorical bucket of water and get to work!

What fear do you need to throw some water on?

About Poppy

Having been an avid reader since the womb, Poppy is finally sitting down to write that book she's always talked about writing.
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4 Responses to Lessons from The Wicked Witch of the West…

  1. Jenny Garrett says:

    Love it, Poppy. You can definitely do it…no doubt.

  2. Poppy says:

    Thanks Jenny! You Rock!

  3. I love this post. I hear the same exact fears in my head, too (and more, of course). I might have to print out your words and keep them nearby so I have them as a reminder.

    Conquer those fears!

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