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My critHarmony Match – Meet Danielle

After Yesterday’s Post – I’m sure you’re eager to finally meet my critique partner! Before I introduce her, I’ll let you know that these interviews are a joint effort. If you want to read the interview I gave her, you can check … Continue reading

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My critHarmony Match: How I Found the Right Critique Partner for Me

When I was a teenager, I thought I knew everything. Exhibit A – Meet Teenage Poppy I think it’s pretty obvious that anyone who thought those earnings (or those bangs) were a good fashion choice, cannot be trusted! The funny thing is that … Continue reading

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Monday Check-In

Hola Peeps! Hope you guys had a great weekend. Here’s a quick  re-cap of what I’ve been up to this past week… 1. WriteOnCon was the Bomb! – Last week I participating in this free online writer’s conference, and I learned tons! … Continue reading

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Just Call me Poppy Spice

It’s been another great week, which was capped off by this… I watched the closing ceremonies last night, just so I could see these ladies. They’re a guilty pleasure, and I just love em’! You may call me Poppy Spice … Continue reading

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