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The End of the Beginning

I started this blog to document my writing journey. And today is kind of monumental… …Today is the day that I’m officially jumping back into my first draft! I’ve done writing exercises until my fingers bled (Thank you 90-Day Novel!), I’ve … Continue reading

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Just Call me Poppy Spice

It’s been another great week, which was capped off by this… I watched the closing ceremonies last night, just so I could see these ladies. They’re a guilty pleasure, and I just love em’! You may call me Poppy Spice … Continue reading

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Pure Imagination…

I recently read a great blog post on writing by author Jeremy Robinson called The Secret to Writing 4,000 Words a Day. I almost didn’t click on the link, because if I’m being honest, the title sounds a little like … Continue reading

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Game Changer

Earlier this week I read about a book called The 90-Day Novel by Alan Watt After reading through some of the reviews on Amazon (cause that’s what I do) I decided to check out the free sample, and my mind … Continue reading

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