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YallFest Live Stream

If I was rich, I swear I’d travel around visiting book festivals and conferences  I’d follow them like people followed the Grateful Dead! But alas I am not rich…so I’ll have to settle for the next best thing. YallFest also known as ‘The Charleston … Continue reading

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Book Festival Report

As you know, on Saturday I spent the day at The Vegas Valley Book Festival.  They offered an entire day dedicated to YA writing and authors. Let me start by saying that Las Vegas is a cool town, and the … Continue reading

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iTunes University Course on Young Adult Fiction

Tomorrow I’m headed to the Vegas Valley Book Festival, and I’m super excited. You may remember that this year they’re offering a full day workshop on YA. The Spotlight on Young Adult Authors is a FREE day full of workshops and … Continue reading

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Fast Draft Writing Boot Camp – Part One

So…. I was fiddling around on the internet a few weeks ago when I stumbled upon a post about a writing technique called fast drafting. It was created by a writer named Candace Haven, and basically boils down to writing … Continue reading

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Vegas Valley Book Festival

Just found out about a great event coming up in my area… The fun begins November 1st through the 3rd. And here’s the best bit…Saturday they’re doing a spotlight on young adult authors, which includes a full day of workshops. … Continue reading

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