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This all started with a tweet…

I’d just watched a great video about finding a critique partner. In it someone noted that finding a CP is a lot like dating. That’s what inspired my wish for an eHarmony clone for writers. I started my search for a critique partner, thinking I knew exactly what I wanted, but as life usually teaches me, I do not know everything!

The good news is that I have met my critHarmony match! Here are some of the posts I’ve done about my search:

Post #1 – My critHarmony Match: How I Found the Right Critique Partner for Me

Post #2 – My crittHarmony Match – Meet my CP Danielle

A Few Tips on Finding a Critique Partner:

  1.  Know What You’re Looking For – Do you want to work in a critique group, or one on one? How much interaction are you looking for? What are your expectations? These are all questions you should answer before starting your search.
  2. Trial Period – Once you’ve found a potential match, don’t be afraid to set up a trial period to make sure you work well together. This is the equivalent of going on a “coffee date” first, to see if you can stand spending an entire evening with someone!
  3. Be a Stalker – My CP Danielle was the one who “made the first move”. She sent me an e-mail asking me if I was still looking for a CP. Before I responded, I completely stalked her! I read her entire blog, and her twitter feed. Both sources gave me a good feeling about her.
  4. Don’t Compromise – I feel extremely lucky, because my search for a CP was fairly easy. Once I connected with Danielle, it was pretty evident that we were both on the same page. We had similar work ethics, and I knew that she was just as serious about writing as I was. If you find yourself in a situation that’s not working for you, don’t be afraid to speak up! Finding the right CP is a crucial step in the writing process. This is the person you’re going to trust with your book…so choose wisely!

Check out the video that inspired my search…


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  1. Miss Alexandrina says:

    Such a good idea!

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